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Decisions, Decisions...

So, I have made some small decisions, and am thinking about bigger ones. With the bigger ones, I suddenly understand why Jay tends to go, "Oh, I wish I could do [x]!" This has always made me feel guilty because I'm not bringing in enough money for him to do [x] but in fact it's about the simple truth that there are So Many Cool Things to do in life. I never understood because I never wanted to do anything much because I was always too tired. Now I have a certain amount of 'free' energy and THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS TO DO OMG.

Anyway. Small decisions are relevant to internet use.

- I will post small silly updates about my life (nothing political or about Issues) to my personal FB.

- I will post silly memes and cute animals to my work FB.

- I will post longer day to day updates about life to The Other LJ.

- I will post longer thinky posts which are actually emotionally important to me here.

I have yet to decide what to do about inviting other people to this LJ. I am enjoying the privacy, and I've found in the past that I need to rant about people I'm close to on LJ, so this has been nice for that. (Please note, that means if you're on my flist here I don't anticipate ever needing to rant about you :) ) So, we will see.


The bigger decisions... are kind of life-style ones. Not as amazing and dramatic as that sounds, but - well, there are so many things I'd like to spend money and energy on! And I can't do them all.

1. Do I want to go properly into the 'breeding Zula' thing? On the negative side, this would involve a while of going to cat shows (there are fuck all locally) and taking her up somewhere to have sex with a Serengeti male, which would be a faff, an expense, and might not even work first time around. PLUS, she hasn't come into heat since that one occasion (she isn't putting on weight, however, so I presume that Rory's neutering and anyway his lack of ability to get his penis where it should have gone, has not caused problems). Also, building a website and finding homes and so much money on making sure Zula and the kits were healthy.


2. LARPing. I do like the idea of getting involved with LARP. As does Mac (who also likes the idea of kittens, mind you). But there's no point doing it half-assed. I'd want to start by going to a few day things, and build up. But that would take so much money and energy and finding somewhere local. But it would be fun, and something we could share!

There are other things, but those two are battling it out at the moment. *visualises kittens battling in LARP clothing*

I think kittens are more likely, but I do feel sad about LARP. Plus, I'm so frustrated about how DIFFICULT the kitten thing is. I can't find any local cat shows before about November. WTF? How am I supposed to get known when there are no cat shows to attend? I probably need to start blogging specifically about Zula, don't I? But I should probably do that under a different name, and that means setting up a whole new identity online.

Oh bother. I need to commit to some things and go willy-nilly in their direction, don't I? But actually, at the same time, I don't have to make it NOW. I can be me for a while, and find out who 'me' is.
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