The Hidden Me (iacceptmyself) wrote,
The Hidden Me


I want to get back to being me. Or on to being current!me. I hate having to hide myself away online as I do IRL. But I want to feel safe.

I hate the idea of ditching The Other Journal as it's been home to me for so long. And I have a massive attachment to it. But at the same time, I don't feel comfortable there. I suppose I could create a 'filter' and only post to that. Or I could invite a few other people to this LJ and write my thinky things here. But then who do I invite, and do I then make life difficult for people if I invite them but not some of their close LJ friends who are on my Other Journal's flist?

I've been going through so much change lately, and I have more than enough to say. Lots of things I've been thinking about which I want to explore further.

I kind of want to write a post saying "this is me and fuck off if you don't like me". Though I've also realised how easy it is to say slightly critical things to people, especially on FB. I've been deliberately not posting anything negative, but have been tempted a couple of times. Someone was quoting Yoda's comment about Fear leading to the Dark Side. Hate hate HATE that quotation. I'm scared of everything; I'm totally fucked, aren't I? But if it's useful to someone, who am I to go and criticise and maybe make them feel snubbed and sad?

So. Dilemmas. And a very VERY friendly cat. She is full of purrings at the moment.
Tags: a time for change?, new beginnings, thinky thoughts
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